Thinking About Getting a Tattoo?


It’ll help to have your idea and material with you when you come into the shop. If it’s a particularly large piece ie, Arm sleeve, Back or leg give us a call so that we can set aside some time to chat with you about your ideas.

There is no cost for a consultation but if we are busy when you arrive we may not be able to give you our full attention.


You need to be able to explain your ideas to us. Have a good idea how you want it to look, the size, placement and what you want included. Do your research beforehand and bring examples such as a sketch, photo reference, magazine clipping or even just a written list of what you want. All of this is invaluable when we sit to design for you.


You will be asked for a deposit for any design work. This is used later as the deposit for your appointment. All deposits for designs are non refundable should you decide you do not wish to go ahead with your tattoo. Also deposits for appointments are non refundable. If you need to reschedule your appointment please give us a minimum 24 hours notice, any less and you will lose your deposit.

The Design

When leaving us to design for you, we will take measurements, traces and photos of the area to be tattooed. We will need a contact telephone number to call you once your design is ready. Please try to refrain from hassling us about the design, we will give you a good indication of when the design should be ready by at your consultation. All design work belongs to the artist, we do not give out designs or copies of designs. All designs can be adjusted by size and we can alter minor details but we cannot keep redrawing the whole design for you. This is why it is important to provide examples and reference material.

Books and design sheets are available for you to pa ruse here at the shop. These can help you for ideas in the design of you tattoo.

You will be given a receipt for you deposit along with a business card with our contact information. Please bring this along with you to your appointment.

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